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Milexia and Microchip have been providing precise, highly reliable timing systems for over 30 years continually evolving to exceed our customers requirements. Microchip are the world leader in precise timing, setting the standard for time and frequency worldwide.

Clocks & Timing

Clocks & Timing


24/7 Support

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24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated technical support and through life firmware management

Direct Access to Technical Support SyncServer Software Support also includes access to technical experts in SyncServer operation. Call centers in the US, Asia, and Europe are available to assist including Emergency support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Ongoing security hardening to keep SyncServers secure
  • Security vulnerability hardening against known and yet-to-be-identified vulnerabilities
  • Continuous evaluation/implementation of CVE mitigations
  • Implement updates to open-source software
  • Timely response to US-CERT alerts
  • Assurance of behavior through future high-profile timescale events such as leap second and GNSS rollover events
  • Access to 24/7 technical support

TymCover Hardware Support

SLA Next Day Hardware Repalcement

TymCover is Milexia’s next day hardware replacement service covering Microchip frequency and time products. Replacing faulty hardware the next day and diagnosing problems on site, Milexia’s experience enginners support customers in maintaing service delivery.

  • Unlimited repairs or equipment during agreed period
  • Next Business Day On Site Engineer (Hardware Faults Only)
  • Replacement Hardware
  • Dedicated Replacement Hardware
  • Telephone & Email Support 24/7
  • WebEx Remote Support

GNSS Installation Services

GPS / GNSS Antenna Installation

Milexia engineering services provide GNSS (GPS) installations services across the globe for Financial Services, Defence and Enterprise customers. Standardised designs for coaxial and fibre optic systems provide the flexibility and distance for any design requirement.
Sematron survey and install individual GPS antennas at customer data centres and work with many major co-location providers to install and configure precise timing antennas for all markets including, financial services, defence and enterprise.

  • GNSS Antenna Installation Service
  • GPS Antenna Installation
  • 1 Metre to 10KM Options
  • Precise testing and certification
  • 30 Year Installation Experience
  • Standardised commissioned system
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • Maintenance & Support contracts

GNSS Survey & Maintenance

MiFID II UTC Traceability Certification – TymCheck

MIFID II UTC traceability certification service (TymCheck) helps you achieve compliance while minimising risk of timing error. With the advent of MiFID II, financial service organisations have been exposed to the world of precise timing and the ongoing activities to maintain compliance; with over 25 years of experience in deployment, configuration and testing of GNSS timing systems, Milexia offers unrivalled support and documentation to support compliance.

  • On Site Timing System Certification
  • RTS25 Article 4
  • System clock testing
  • Antenna system calibration & testing
  • Antenna system latency calibration
  • Clock quality checks
  • Interference Testing
  • Functional specification testing
  • Annual Documentation & Certificate